Residencies and Projects > Art Journeys in Corona Times (2021)

Art Journeys in Corona Times is an international collaboration reflecting on our individual and collective experience during the Corona Virus Pandemic around the world. 

Similar to the concept of the Exquisite Corpse, artwork traveled from artist to artist around the globe. Participants responded to and add onto the work of their predecessors; creating a record that is both personal and shared. 

Initiated by Swedish artist Emelie Rygfelt Wilander at the start of the Pandemic in 2020, the work traveled between Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, China, Australia, Kenya, Chile, Puerto Rico and the United States. The project culminated in the summer of 2021 with an exhibition at Not Quite Gallery in Fengersfors, Sweden.

Participating Artists:
Emelie Rygfelt Wilander (Sweden)
Stella Palm (Sweden)
Cornelia Theimer Gardella (Germany)
Lili Huston-Herterich (The Netherlands/USA)
Lei Yan (China)
Julia Boros (Australia)
Naitiemu Nyanjom (Kenya)
Fran Caselli (Chile)
Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmaseda (Puerto Rico)
Tegan Brozyna Roberts (USA)

*The project is partially funded by Västra Götaland region in Sweden and the Artists' Committee in Sweden.