Exhibitions & Installations > Permutations (2023)

Tegan Brozyna Roberts + Erin Juliana
Curated by John Richey

TAC Gallery
505 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

October 21-26, 2023

Gallery Hours: October 21-22, 12-6pm October 23-26, by appointment

Permutations is a two-person exhibition of new abstract artworks by Tegan Brozyna Roberts and Erin Juliana at the TAC Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, curated by John Richey. This collection of wall-mounted soft sculptures, paper tapestries, paintings, and collages use repurposed materials and the language of formal abstraction to explore personal and family histories. Each artist embraces a sense of spontaneity and the unknown as they weave, bind, and layer found or fabricated elements into this brightly colored group of intimate artworks. Inspired by a shared interest in the history of textiles, each artist's process is meditative and organic, referencing ideas of healing and repair, and blurring the line between traditional notions of painting and sculpture.